Thursday, April 28, 2011

Silk, Lace, and Red Hair... oooolalalala

The Fashionable Houston series continues... 

Express Lace top and Banana Republic silk skirt

Badgley Mischka purple heels and RayBan sunglasses

Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope it was a good one.  I am currently in a food comma.

For the festivities I wore: Zara blazer, What Goes Around Comes Around Jumper (very religious of moi, I know), and Stella McCartney purse.

Michael Kors Platforms

I saw these barrels in my neighborhood and just could not resist the urge to break my neck on them, so up I went...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Interesting bit of the day...

Apparently one of my BBAAMM girls (1), Brit Brit,  has been accused of pulling a Natalie Portman-- i.e.  using a dance double for her role in her current music video ,"Till the world ends".
Honestly?!... the gall of these haters!!!!!  What an insult to the "next Madonna"... although I think Gaga has that title now.  The dancing in this video, as seen below, resembles a lukewarm version of a P90x aerobics class. How dare they imply that Brit Brit cannot jump around like any of the workout junkies I see on a Saturday morning infomercial!!??!!?
If you are going to taint a person's name, try to make it believable.  If you said her dancing in the video for "Stronger" was done using a dance double, I will believe you.  Because, honestly, how was a seventeen year old girl able to do "that" with a chair when it takes years and years of practice for the cream of the crop strippers-- Vegas Strippers-- to master those particular chair dance moves?

You can judge for yourself; copy below links into your browser:

(1): BBAAM girls: Artists whose CDs I will always buy because I enjoy listening to them when having a dance-off with myself-- Beyonce, Britney, Alicia Keys, Aguilera, Mary J. and Madonna

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Street style- The allure of the classic look...

Certain looks never get old.  And since I am a little far from classic with my style, I have recruited Ms. V to show us how it is done: On her-- Wide-leg Badgley Mischka pants paired with an Express top. 
Chanel bag: Every fashionista, especially ones that boast a classic style, must own one!

Chanel sunglasses and earrings.  What can I say? She loves her some CCs!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poor Richard's Almanac...

I apologize... Poor Richard’s  Ava’s Almanac...  agreeably, a less profound version of Franklin's book of proverbs. 


"I might in this place attempt to gain thy favor, by declaring that I write almanacs with no other view than that of the public good; but in this I should not be sincere; and men are nowadays too wise to be deceived by pretences, however specious.  The plain truth of the matter is, I am excessively poor and my fashion habits, a fiercely feisty one, cannot bear to be left starving season after season-- Burberry thigh-high boots, fur lined parka, Celine bag-- the list goes on, are yet to be acquired.  My habit has threatened to leave moi if I do not make some profitable use of whatever gifts the good Lord has granted me.  Since I have yet to find the means to cure cancer, I have decided to settle on my wayward thoughts as my way of means; and thus I have begun to comply and start this series of 'watered down' proverbs in hopes of increasing readership, thereby gaining advertising money from Google..." (Franklin, slightly altered for Author's purpose)

Quotes of the day:  
1) A work related compliment is the life line for achieving professional contentment 
2) Men are better as gravy than as the main meal
3) Stress and anxiety like energy cannot be destroyed, simply transferred from one person to another.  Learn to close your office door!

Until next time, 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Favorite thing to do: Sunday brunch with Champagne

With one of my fave gal pals, Ms A

On moi: Mayle dress and Fendi shoes, Aldo animal print clutch

On Ms. A: shorts from Nordstroms, top is Buffalo Exchange and shoes are YSL

Ciao bellas!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Green with Envy... Wardrobe stories

My name is Vero--
And I'm so very --
fly-- oh my!--  it's a little bit scary

Sweeter than a swisher...

My sis, the Charlotte of our family-- a quintessential classic.  You will find no platforms in this one's wardrobe.

Dress from Neimans', shoes: Max Studio peeptoe, and Movado watch.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Song lyrics by Keri Hilson

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Musing of the day... An Affair To Remember... ?????

Clearly on CP (colored people) time, I just watched this movie on TCM.  And after the butterflies, brought on by Cary Grant's sheer magnetism, settled in my stomach, I began to wonder... Is it really an affair if the couple in question ends up together for happily ever after?  I then decided the movie was inappropriately titled-- from my experience, affairs are better forgotten.
Picture this alternative scenario: Grant stays true to his playboy character (as most of them almost always do) and remain a no show at the Empire State building. In this instance, would Debra Kerr want An Affair To Remember or would she have stood in line at the memory eraser bank ala Jim Carey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and wish for her new lover to be entirely erased from her mind?   An Affair to Remember?  If it is all the same to you, I would rather not.
Yes, not all great love stories are meant to stand the test of time, but who the hell wants to remember them if they don't?  Like most modern women, I once fell victim to the grandeur associated with having love affairs solely for their memories (Bridges of Madison County, anyone?) ... but as life has thought me, it is not "passionately love" if you cannot make it last or as a dear friend once said, "This is not my first time at the Rodeo; I am looking for a champion bull rider that can last longer than eight seconds".  Of course, death is an exception:) 

Written by an avid "Dear Abby" reader.  

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Closet Envy--Mixable Prints

Well, thank the Lord... Houston isn't bereft of style after all.  There are definitely loads of bling and "matchy matchy" clothing prevalent at all our city fairs (the Rodeo takes the cake); but alas, one can usually find a diamond or two amidst the rubble...  To begin our new series, "Fashionable Houston", we followed fellow Houstonian,  Ms. T,  around for the day. Hope you guys enjoy!

Dress is by MNG, glasses are Armani Exchange

Bag: Hobo International and those divine purple shoes are by Badgley Mischka
Skinny belt: J Crew, Vintage animal print jacket.

Stay tuned...