Sunday, July 22, 2012


 Vintage red dress. Actually with the exception of my necklace, everything I have on is vintage.  So I guess we can move on from talking about clothes to other things--

Does anyone get the fascination with Channing Tatum? This has been my conundrum for the last two weeks. Especially when I heard that the Marky Mark of our generation has been hanging out with Clooney in Italy. Yep... Channing is hanging out with late nineties dream boat turned award nominee favorite, Clooney. 
Shouldn't that privilege be left for up and coming actors that have a chance of winning an Oscar for best dramatic performance or for actresses that could also double as pageant winners?

I just hate when the world does not make sense. Anyway, back to clothes-- I had another non vintage item on: Dior belt

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another Repeat!

I am not quite sure about you all, but I usually live in variations of the same outfit for about a month.  I was stuck in long silk dresses for the first part of the summer but got over it when I bought this jacket/blouse. You just cannot go wrong with fringe...

Roberto Cavalli top and jeans, Gucci sandals, vintage bag, ring from This N That, bracelet from Ylang Ylang.

On a side note, why is it that all the successful natural hair bloggers out on you tube have type 3 hair (ummm, use google to find out what that means.  There should already be a natural hair term page on wikepedia by now, don't you think )?  I need a blogger whose hair naturally resembles and feels like a brillo pad. Or as Lil Wayne calls it, Nigerian tough. Whatever that person's says, I will trust.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'm really liking these diaper shorts.  Ancient men dressed in loin cloth were onto something...

Roberto Cavalli fringe top, Dolce and Gabbana shorts, Fendi color block sandals
Earrings from Buffalo Exchange (Dallas); glasses by Tom Ford

Seriously, I am always always picking out my afro! I now understand why a certain sector of society continuously flip their hair like that movement will help cool down global warming. Playing with one's hair just cannot be helped.


Sunday, July 1, 2012


Don't let anyone tell you different, this look never flatters one's bottom half. But it sure is comfortable.

Missonni wrap top, Dolce and Gabbana shorts, bag from Housing Works in NYC (Chelsea).

Remember the trip I took to Round Rock Texas? Well, I snagged this necklace while I was there.

 Sweater from Nordstroms, ankle strap sandals by Salvatore Ferragamo
Have a good week everyone!

Oh, before I forget: above look was featured on snowblackblog. Check it out if you would like: