Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day in Paris

One of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman, contains one of what I consider the scariest things that could happen to me in a lifetime-going to a designer store and being treated like Vivian when she was without her Rodeo passport, Edward-ABSOLUTELY HEART WRENCHING.  I feel a tear coming just thinking about that scene, "nothing here is your size..."

As a result, I do not browse high-end stores, I only enter with the intent of purchasing and do all my "fashion browsing" online.   Since I was in no position to purchase anything during this trip, I did the next best thing.  After our last supper in Paris, I bribed my hubby with things I cannot divulge on this PG page to accompany me window shopping.  This worked perfectly in Paris because the window displays of all the high end stores were to die for.  I included my favorite, Hermes, with pics below of what I wore.  Hope you enjoy

For our last supper, I wore a Zara dress, vintage earrings and Max Mara boots.  The tailoring on this dress is exquisite, it allows one to eat and also helps in making your stomach look flat (Yes, ladies, Christmas arrived early in the form of Paris' Zara).

Hermes window display, I could live in this store.  It sure beats the hell out of some of the Parisian hotels...

I braced the freezing weather so you can have a better look at the dress.  I know my eyes look like I am pretending to be sober and about to walk the dreaded line, but oh well...
I am standing in front of la Madeleine, a Greek temple located up the Rue Royale from the Place de la Concorde

Day time view standing on the steps of La madeleine

Another Hermes display; I have yet to do my research on this lovely bag but I am sure it is definitely worth a car note

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ooo lala!

The hubby and I decided to visit Paris for Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, it is so cold out here I am unable to stalk fashionistas and post their pics.  The city is all bundled up.  It seems like navy blue, black and sometimes fur coats paired with knee-high riding boots is the Parisian uniform. I tried going out without bundling but ended up not being able to give up warmth for fashion, see my progress below...

Dress and belt from Zara

Still cold, boots from Max Mara

I was reminded that it was not your fault I was freezing so I should try smiling.  Had to scream, since my mouth was frozen shut

Finally, bundled up ala the whole of Paris...

If you think I am making this up, check out the onlookers-all bundled!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dolly's 9-5

This play is currently in Houston and since I related to the movie, well let me rephrase, I currently relate to the movie with minor adjustments, I decided to be in the audience.  Minor adjustments include, but not limited to: 
1) Pour myself a JUG of ambition
2) Refill a hundred times because it never quite does the job
3) Working, 9-7ish
4) Feel guilty if I work 9-5 on any other day than Friday
5) Promotion!?!?!!?!? possible but not without a job change or a penchant to working reminiscent of Hathaway in Devil Wears Prada. On this note, why is it that in movies, every time a woman gets a promotion she has given up her life to earn it and a man just gets it for existing!!?!?!!??!!? 
6) Happy hour is a must; with the exception of the "doobie" scene, I do not recall them having enough drinking time as required in my work week 
7) Bosses are not blatantly disgusting-although I have heard stories...
8) Women currently have impressive titles.  Unfortunately, we also have to sit through Friday afternoon meetings and experience de ja vu because we are still discussing items that were on the previous four agendas or hear phrases such as "let us table this" or let us get back to this offline".  If I am here, damn it, let us just finish it 

Let us circle back (also a worthless friday meeting phrase) to the discussion at hand, I just love the backwards barbie in charge of this play.  For the occasion, I wore a black Milly dress, that reminded me of Paris-I meant Paris, TX so no harsh judgement

Black Milly dress; I paired it with my Aldo necklace and a vintage hat

Giuseppe zanotti boots

I pinned the Aldo necklace to the sleeve of the dress to give it a bib like effect.

Hope you enjoyed:)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Latest bargain find

Tip of the week- make it a point to visit at least one CRT (consignment/resale/thrift store) before a major shopping trip. If you are lucky, you might starve off spending loads of money at the mall by finding something as magnificent as this 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent dress for less than half the original price.  Miracles do happen:)

I took my new find out for Sushi.  I could not really have Italian or anything substantial in this dress for fear of busting out...

I wore a bracelet as an anklet to jazz up my dainty gold strappy sandals.