Friday, December 30, 2011


...there is reason to believe maybe next year will be better than the last...
For the upcoming New Year's eve celebrations think of going long like Christiana did here:

Sparkling black gown from ASOS; Manolo slides

 Earring from Couture Blowout (Houston), ring from This N That boutique (NYC)

A little cut out at back of dress, who wouldn't love that?
Have a happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!

I cannot be bothered to decorate... this is a neighbor's home:) Vintage pearl necklace

Aldo gold multi-strand necklace, vintage bag and ring, bracelet from Mishu boutique

Dress: Vintage Neiman Marcus couture dress (altered to fit me); hair: courtesy of Houston's humidity
Christian Louboutin thigh high purple suede boots

And who doesn't love pockets?!?
Merry Christmas all; hope it's a good one.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Fendi waist bag (I've had this for years and I continue to love it-- comes in handy during Christmas shopping when one needs both hands to wrestle gifts from poachers)

Asos sweater, Acne high-waisted skinny jeans, and Roberto Cavalli shoes
My hubby walked in on me posing; hence the ridiculous giggles.

Ring was made by the store 19th on Replay with vintage material and stones.

My dinner-- snails from Broken Spoke Cafe (my new favorite place). As a Ghanaian, I am use to bigger snails so I had to order another bowl; definitely time for a visit home.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Above look made it on fab sugar's look of the week, check out below link if you please (Yeah!).
Style Looks of the Week Inspired by Readers Dec. 25, 2011
Looks of the Week!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

To Russia, with Love

Clutch from Francesca's and booties by Luxury Rebel
All that red-- lipstick, necklace, earring (seen better in other pics)-- and fur, reminded me of Russia for some reason.  Anywhoo, necklace from This N That boutique, fur coat from Theory, and dress by Graham and Spencer (

Ring on left hand: friendship engagement ring ( I mean why not???) received from one of my BFs; ring on right hand: Vintage.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


A couple of months ago, a lovely shop girl offered me 5 magic wands in exchange for me reaching the upper limits on my Nordstrom’s visa.  These miracle wands were to give me stalks of flirty eyelashes that will grace my cheekbones whenever I felt the need to blink…I of course conceded.

Mirror! Mirror! On the wall, which is the fairest one of all…

Guerlain, Lancome Hypnose Drama, Estee Lauder Sumptuous, Nars Hyperlash, or Clinique high impact mascara????

The Mirror answered:
Guerlain can leave one penniless 
Clinique... grantor of the corporate Accountant lashes leaves you with neat and unassuming lashes, 
Hyperlash gives you the lashes of a Vogue staff (the eyelash equivalent of wearing 4 plus inch heels to work-- not bad at all!),
Estee lauder... more thickness and not enough length (gotta have both dear)

I therefore choose...

Hypnose Drama!!!!!!  It gives both thickness and length.

Hope this helps the next time you all are in the market for mascaras.  I also really love the Maybeline mascara with the pink and green packaging-- pick that up from a drugstore if you haven't tried it yet.


Sunday, December 4, 2011


"No one will ever love me", it said in between sobs;
"but... but... you can get use to me..."*

I believe this is what the fur vest told fashion trendsetters about two years ago.
And yes, dear fur vest; we have certainly gotten use to you...

Fur vest from Blackbird Trading Co on Montrose (Houston); Blue suede booties: French Connection; Jeans R 13 (Barneys)

Earrings: Buffalo Exchange; Ray Ban sunglasses

Watch: Target--  I am no longer in love with bubble gum pink; I have it replaced it with this watch's delicious berry color!

Ring is Alvine's own creation; crochet top is from H&M

Have a great week everyone!

* Original quote from Tennessee Williams' The Loss of a Tear Drop Diamond

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You knew it all along, or so I thought
This was always a temporary arrangement
We meet when we can, and
It’s business as usual when we can’t

So we carried on, and
The years passed on
The emotions stayed leveled,
Never too high, never too low
Or so I thought

Never did I know that this was a one sided arrangement
Me, always leveled, and
You, always rattled, one step away from breaking down
Me, thinking we had a good thing going,
You thinking this was turmoil

I had my life, you were a reprieve
You had your life, I was icing on the cake
Or so I thought

I should have seen the signs
When you started to hold on too long, during our hugs
When our kisses lingered, on the last nights
You became more and more available, ready to meet
As for me, I never fluctuated

I thought you knew all along
That this was always a temporary arrangement
Little did I know
That breaking free would cause you delirium
Next time around,
The writing will be on the wall

By:  Christiana Ajele Duodu

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Another reprieve from moi-- say hello to one of my good friends, Alvine Ayim

I love an all black look for the winter... let the background be your pop of color!

Zara shirt, pants, and jacket--- items purchased over the years of course.
Ring-- H&M

Earrings-- H&M

Better view of the sailor style leggings... let's all get a pair!

Shoes-- Cole Haan
Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You give me fever!!!!!

Fever when you hug me right

Fever with that flame in you-- Missoni dress

Your icy frosts lights up the night: Zara Shoes, loved it so much I now have a pair.

Fever! Vintage Chanel clutch and bangles

But what a lovely way to burn...
YELLOW FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Robert Rodriguez top and Current Elliott wide leg jeans
Vintage purse and bracelet

Close up of bracelet
Michael Kors platforms and Hugo Boss socks

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A SHORT STORY: Conversations over Vodka Martinis

"He already had a girl at the table when I showed up at the restaurant for our ‘date’!” she cried incredulously…

Welcome to my Thursday happy hour session!  I’m currently sitting across from one of my best girlfriends— let’s call her Kit— and she is rehashing her most recent horrific encounter with a once potential suitor, whom we shall call Adam...

The beginning
One late evening over a month ago, my phone rang.  It was Kit calling to tell me that she’s met someone in her church parking lot.  She goes to one of those churches that resembles a sporting event in terms of the location (a revamped arena), the amounts of people that attend (3000 plus), and the various kinds of people who partake in the fellowship such as the following:  the jocks and their “amen’s” and “hallelujahs”- which are so loud and delivered with such spirit that the pastor probably feels the need to high five or at least give them a thumbs up at every juncture of the sermon; the business men in suits who tithe with aplomb (usually the same ones causing a commotion at a sporting event by ordering popcorn and a 'Bud' from the fat lady going up and down the bleachers instead of ordering at the concession stands like most cordial people... "excuse me, could you stand up so I can... motions to pass, sorry did I spill on you?, pass my... chucks his $20 bill in your clearly irritated face"... ); the pretty girls with a full face of makeup ready to mingle-- in this case with good Christian men;  tired-looking 20 somethings who show up after a full course of clubbing the night before, and finally, those remaining few that are actually there for the word-- the true fanatics.   Kit falls into this last category and therefore tries for nonchalance when describing the new man she met on God's holy ground while she was stewing over the day's sermon--
         “He is tall, decent looking, but looks really familiar… pondering these words she adds, “he might have been one of my younger sister’s friends at University.  Wait... do you know an Adam?”

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flirting with Gathers!


I COMMITTED ADULTERY.  I cheated on my dreams and so in punishment… 365 days of scarlet red lips (it apparently makes me look old).  Hopefully, I’ll emerge with the grace, dignity, and triumph shown by the original wearer of scarlet— Hawthorne's Hester Prynne

Day 26…

Polka dots on shoes? Yes please! These were a hand me down gift from my Mother-In-Law, she use to wear them back in the day and now... I LOVE them!

Vintage Valentino wool skirt and a pearl bracelet worn as an anklet
Top: Vera Wang Lavender Label from Buffalo Exchange in the Heights; the color, the ruching at the collar.. oh MY! and yes, red lipstick... 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend wrap up!

My sister was parading around our home in this outfit  and I just adored the fresh look of it...

Dress and belt from Bergdorf Goodman

Gye Nyame gold pendant

Excerpts from a lunch conversation:
"I want a pill, stronger than time for unknowing someone.  I mean... you can replace a person's actions, the way they love, their sense of humor and definitely their kindness-- if they had any; but you can never replace or trick the mind to just forget their core, the unexplainable. You can never really "un-know" someone"

"I think the core or the unexplainable as you say, is what some call the zsa zsa zsu--what women supposedly want.  And to your point, I agree... bidi bop bop or the zsa zsa zsu without the promise of selective amnesia is definitely not worth it..." 

Have a good week everyone:)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Away we go... Vintage playground!

I have fallen back in love with Houston's vintage, thrift, resale  and consignment stores... my brief two month affair with NYC--VTRC stores officially ended with below find:

Dress from Taxi on Montrose (when you enter the store, take your immediate right and enter the connecting boutique, not sure if it has a name but this is where I found the dress and saw lots of other promising items).  I got it altered to fit my frame and could not be happier with the outcome.  Oh, and the dress was less than 20 bucks...

Lace gloves-Great Lookz; ring- THIS N THAT boutique, bracelets--Indian jewelry store on Bissonnet (Houston); crochet clutch- vintage

Roberto Cavalli strappy sandals-Net -a- Porter (Bday gift--THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!!!!!!!)

These shoes are currently sharing the bed with me... they are so beautiful and I'm loving its dainty strappyish look.  Any whoo... hope you guys are having a great week and happy Halloween to you all!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A stewing pot of fashion goodies: hot pink zig zags, below the knee allure, shimmering caramel, cut outs, color block, and a gold collar bone grazing earring-- OOOLALALALA...

Rings from Nordstroms, bracelet- Monet (vintage)

Fendi color block sandals (the fall version).  I die for these shoes!!!!!!!

Shimmering caramel top-Alvin Valley

Love the cut outs in the top.  Earings-Bolton's.

Skirt was tailor made using traditional Ghanaian material.  My fashion wish to the gods: let all pencil skirts hit below the knee...AAAAMMMMEEEEENNNNNNNN!!!

Until next time, 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gown and Flames

No gala to attend, try a BBQ gathering at your home..

This is me using any excuse to whip out one of my grand favorites-- a Badgley Mischka dress I got years ago.  Nothing is too much if you are entertaining at your own home.

Yeah... I could not get out of cooking.  Although I must admit I was more of a helper than an Emerald...

Apron-Anthropologie, Chef- hubby

Earring-Buffalo Exchange (Heights)

Bracelet and ring on left hand-vintage, bracelet on right hand- Couture Blowout (Houston consignment store)

Oh the stare... this was my impersonation of Storm (X-men).  I had wind and twirling of the garment... it was only a matter of time till my stare granted me access to a lift off... or so I hoped.