Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You knew it all along, or so I thought
This was always a temporary arrangement
We meet when we can, and
It’s business as usual when we can’t

So we carried on, and
The years passed on
The emotions stayed leveled,
Never too high, never too low
Or so I thought

Never did I know that this was a one sided arrangement
Me, always leveled, and
You, always rattled, one step away from breaking down
Me, thinking we had a good thing going,
You thinking this was turmoil

I had my life, you were a reprieve
You had your life, I was icing on the cake
Or so I thought

I should have seen the signs
When you started to hold on too long, during our hugs
When our kisses lingered, on the last nights
You became more and more available, ready to meet
As for me, I never fluctuated

I thought you knew all along
That this was always a temporary arrangement
Little did I know
That breaking free would cause you delirium
Next time around,
The writing will be on the wall

By:  Christiana Ajele Duodu