Monday, January 30, 2012

Barbie wears leather!!

Why? Cos she is a bad motha***
It takes a certain kind of person/personality to pull off an all leather ensemble on a day that is not Halloween... say hello to one of the very few people who can-- my friend, Model and Writer Nnenna Agba

Leather jacket with attached fur, fur is removable!!! but who would want to do that? Jacket made by the ever talented designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades, look him up.

Pants by Pink Tartan

Bracelet was given to her by her Mother in Law

Hope you enjoyed today's reprieve from moi
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Michael Kors top (it has that crinkled look to it and I still cannot figure out if I like that)

Piazza Sempione jacket, Asos pants

Seiko watch stolen from my Dad

Kenneth Lane multi strand pearl necklace

Badgley Mischka lace shoes

I was caught giving instructions, apparently I do that a lot so my photographer ordered I include this pic on the blog (Ohemaa Photography)


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Laid back January-Part deux

And... the fashion laziness continues...

Winter Kate shawl

Cynthia Vincent dress, Moccassins, J-crew gloves  (my manicure was not done for the day...)

Francesco Biasia bag, Valentino scarf

Turquoise pendant necklace was a gift:)  I felt like piling on the jewelry today for some reason...

Have a good weekend everyone; I plan to-- on my way to NYC!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Laid back January!

I have declared January the laid back month as we all are or should be recuperating from the holidays.  I have been in this outfit almost every weekend for the past three weeks (advantage: I don't have to fix my hair)... hope you can tolerate

Vintage bag (originally owned by mum)

Missoni Shirt worn as scarf-- see it worn as a shirt here:
 Zara leather jacket

Kenneth Jay Lane pearl bib, Calvin Klein tank

Seven skinny jeans, Luxury Rebel shoes
Have a good MLK everyone!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Chanel bag

Zara turtleneck, skirt: H&M, Mustard tights... she cannot remember where it came from

Boots-French Connection

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


À la the movie, Clueless, he was the Josh to my Cher and in my later years, the “straight” Will to my Grace.  I couldn’t have made it through my quarter life crises without our daily emails and endless therapeutic talks at the neighborhood bar.

We became friends in an undergrad marketing class right when he offered me the professors’ old exams he got from his frat’s test bank. I made an A on that exam and in return, he gained a friend for life, or so I thought.  Thereafter, we became inseparable, so much so that we ended up with the same major.  For the moments in school when I could have digressed into my Cher or Grace zone and acted carelessly—i.e. skip classes for a molten chocolate cake at Chili’s, waste two plus hours for a road trip to catch the Barney sale in the city, or study less for an exam because I wanted to stay home and cuddle with my boyfriend at the time— his disapproving face and smirk-like grin will appear in my head and I would suck it up and meet him at the library instead. For some unexplainable reason, I allowed him to be my conscience and I just didn’t fancy disappointing him - ever.  

At the crescendo of our friendship, I just knew we would forever be close.  We would likely face the obstacles most male-female friendships were bound to encounter:  non- understanding girlfriends or boyfriends and the occasional making out when one had too much to drink; and we would overcome it all without a dint on the friendship— and we did just that! I even fancied myself the best man at his wedding when it came to that chapter of his life and looked forward to my androgynous tux attire.  My hair stylist was already under strict instructions that a day would come where he would have to give me a slick back look à la Sade, and forget the years of bombshell hair I have always required him to create.  On my end, I knew I needed to grow boobs by his wedding date so I can be a sexier version of Annie Lennox.  I was, after all, in competition with his frat brothers for the best man title and needed a competitive edge.

Yes… it started as a platonic relationship and it stayed that way for seven years.  You see, I always maintained a boyfriend for such things as gifts and sex and I had him for everything else. It was the perfect unspoken arrangement.  I never imagined a time would come where we would cease to exchange witty banter over a Mudslide (for him) and a Vodka straight up (for me). 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!

a few fun pics from my New Year's celebration, hope you enjoy:

Cheers to the freaking New Year!! Sorry about my missing arm, my photographer was a little tipsy:) 

Ties, bow ties, caps, spectacles and hints of how I love men's fashion: May the new year be filled with dapper dressed men

From my hubby: Good tidings to all!
Dress: Velvet Alexander Wang Cami in Oyster, Earrings: The Buckle

Shoes from Zara

Natural beauties, My sister aka Mes Reves photographer (left) has on a Philip Lim dress and Nicole has on a dress from a boutique in Soho (NYC)

Until next time my dears,