Thursday, September 29, 2011


I spent the better half of the week in Denver and if there ever was a town where anything other than jeans is “much” this would be it.   I cannot say I blame them— how is one to admire all the trees and mountains they have to offer if one is too busy admiring themselves in their latest fashionable wear? So needless to say, it was not a fashion trip (I was under strict instructions to leave the sparkles, lace, and pearls at home-- SORRY GUYS!) … this was one of my “laid back” looks. 

Ray Ban aviators, Juicy Couture spider necklace, Ylang Ylang tear drop earrings

Colorado mountains; won't hiking up that be great??? "Hiking" in a Jeep that is...

Button down white shirt from Bergdorf's, J-Crew skinny belt, Mango jumpsuit

Belted this outfit so I maintain a waist.  Button down shirt also helps cover the lower abdomen pooch that shows up in a jumpsuit after a heavy lunch. 

Vintage pendant...LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your week is going good so far

Monday, September 26, 2011


 I really should start going to the church of worship instead of the church of mimosas -- I guess I now have a New year's resolution that doesn't involve growing my ass

 Necklace from This N That, Indian boutique on Bissonnet for bracelets

Balenciaga shoes

Philip Lim dress, Chanel bag

I am in love with the cut and draping of this dress

Have a good week everyone; I know I will-- Gossip Girl premiers (don't judge)!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poor Ava’s Almanac… How to lose a guy in our cyber age

Relationships are like wine; give it time to breathe before you begin the process of swirling, smelling, sipping, and savoring when determining if it does or doesn't deserve the prestigious 90+ rating.

In lay man’s terms: quit looking for skeletons within the first few weeks of dating—I can assure you, you will find them.  

And then... instead of enjoying each other whilst allowing the relationship to oxidizemy advice is to live in a laissez- faire state for at least six months—your turn as Sherlock Holmes within the first of couple of months of dating gave you no other choice but to break off the relationship in its embryonic state because he made out with Chick B from the bar in the second week of you knowing each other (“I mean… how distrustful and shady!”).  

You of course found this out by searching through his text messages (most used portal), emails, listening to his voice mails, and my personal favorite—stalking his FB account and the accounts of all his female FB friends to figure out if everything is truly on the up and up.  Mind you, you already did a background check on him the moment he gave you his last name… I take it back; Sherlock got nothing on 21stcentury’s women when it comes to dating...


Sunday, September 18, 2011


No "good deed" goes unnoticed... Is the State of Texas finally getting props from the powers that be for giving the Republican party a candidate to fuss over?  It looks like it since Houston got moved from the depths of hell and into purgatory this past week-- We are currently experiencing below 100 degrees weather!   So in terms of fashion, I took it a step further and pretended 85 is actually 70 degrees when I chose my attire for Sunday brunch... I am sooo ready for fall fashion...

Zara Sweater (I love the blood orange color of this sweater) and Alexander Wang dress--my new staple. Notice the cut on the back of the dress... does wonders for the backside.

So, yes... I could live in long silk dresses.  My ideal fashion will be when nightgowns (not the bunny printed or flannel kind) are allowed during the day.  And since I need a CAUSE for the fall, I shall take it upon myself to send out the appropriate requests to the fashion powers that be... Anna?

Turquoise necklace from This N That

Necklace was a present from my hubby, bracelet from Mishu boutique (Seattle), vintage medical bag (high fashion homes), and stolen flip flops

Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poor Ava's Almanac... tip of the day

To all the over-educated and self-proclaimed independent women* out there... REPEAT AFTER MOI:

I will never again look down on a woman that succeeded in obtaining the controversial, Ivy League, M.R.S degree; I will instead maintain a hint of appreciation sprinkled with a dash of jealousy for her prowess.  
For it is written... smiley are those who realize that the feminist movement (the live to work part), isn't a one size fit all notion--there is something to be said for not waking up to an alarm clock or not owning the responsibility of padding one's own pockets.

*Only pertains to women being taxed below the 35% tax bracket; if you are above this bracket, I feel you can probably afford to buy your own happiness. 


Sunday, September 11, 2011


About a decade ago, I received a telegram from my alter ego banishing me from wearing short, flirty skirts-- apparently... "it was all about long, flowy, maxi skirts or short bandaged type skirts paired with combat boots".  And me not being one to ruffle any feathers, especially those of my version of Tyler Durden (Edward Norton's other personality in the movie, Fight Club), my short skirts were immediately donated or thrashed... but like "everyman", I  subconsciously kept one for a future rebellion... for the day when I DON THE FORBIDDEN SHORT SKIRT circa 90s...

Flower headband from a vintage store in the historic Heights, earrings from This 'n' That (NYC)

A.L.C. top (Barneys), American Apparel gold bikini top, and DVF SHORT, FLIRRRTY skirt
Bangles from an Indian boutique on Bissonnet (Houston), green ring- This 'n" That, and Prada wedges
Continuing in the spirit of defying Durden, I tried something different with my hair...
Hope you have a fab upcoming week!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Manhattan Gold Rush

"...because diamond's are a girl's best friend..."????
Not for me Marilyn... I will instead, have affairs with diamonds and be permanently plated with Gold.   So to feed my yearning heart... behold!... gold on the sidewalks off 5th...





If you are wondering why I am not inside the shops, it's because above beauties have put out a restraining order against moi... apparently, fervently staring at something without the monetary funds necessary to obtain it, places one in the "stalkerish" arena of society.  Cest la vie!

Have a great rest of the week everyone.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A lovely New York afternoon

On one of the last days in my husband city, Christiana took me out for Sunday window browsing-- a perfect complement to Sunday brunch if you ask me.   For the occasion we wore...

On moi-- Alexander Wang dress, vintage coin purse, Roberto Cavalli duffel bag, and ring from Christiana's closet.  She has promised to will it to me even if I go first:)
Christiana's shoes and bag are Valentina (Neiman's) and Miu Miu respectively

Dress from H&M, vintage earrings  from Housing Works thrift shop

Michael Kors watch, vintage rings.

Necklace from Fashion district

Have a great week everyone; also, pictures of the store front arrangements I loved when browsing are to come...