Thursday, September 29, 2011


I spent the better half of the week in Denver and if there ever was a town where anything other than jeans is “much” this would be it.   I cannot say I blame them— how is one to admire all the trees and mountains they have to offer if one is too busy admiring themselves in their latest fashionable wear? So needless to say, it was not a fashion trip (I was under strict instructions to leave the sparkles, lace, and pearls at home-- SORRY GUYS!) … this was one of my “laid back” looks. 

Ray Ban aviators, Juicy Couture spider necklace, Ylang Ylang tear drop earrings

Colorado mountains; won't hiking up that be great??? "Hiking" in a Jeep that is...

Button down white shirt from Bergdorf's, J-Crew skinny belt, Mango jumpsuit

Belted this outfit so I maintain a waist.  Button down shirt also helps cover the lower abdomen pooch that shows up in a jumpsuit after a heavy lunch. 

Vintage pendant...LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your week is going good so far


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  2. Love it. Want to send you an email soon.
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  3. You look beautiful! love the shades! by the way, I gave you the Liebster Blog Award! Check it out: