Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Phillip!!!!

It is evident I am in love with sparkles.  Sadly, I'm also aware that sparkles can be a bit much if worn outside an Oscar receiving event so I’m seeing a professional about it.  But in the mean time, before my diagnosis and consequent treatment from sparkles takes effect, here is another sparkly look-- a Phillip one-- I wore for a Sushi date with the hubby.  Enjoy?

Pillip Lim top

Don't you just love when a designer takes the time to add little things here and there on an outfit (in this case, the side flutters)?  Aldo flower ring, crochet purse--older than most of us-- given to me by my Grandmother

Carmen Marc Valvo pants

"Ruby" earrings from Ylang Yang

My banshee look...

Before signing off, I wanted to extend a huge welcome to the blog’s new followers stemming from the Fashion Bomb feature on 09/27/2011.  I hope you enjoy the clothes and keep coming back J 
For all those who wanted to ask me questions privately (I bet I know what it’s about …) I can be reached at 


Photos: Courtesy of Ohemaa Productions


  1. Beautiful top. I'm in LOVE with those pants! Gorgeous!!

  2. amazing photographer. who is it?

  3. Lovely picture. Love the top and pants. Stunning!

  4. Fab top! I think I saw it at this year's barney's warehouse sale...or maybe I'm mistaken. Pants are to die for!