Monday, October 31, 2011

Away we go... Vintage playground!

I have fallen back in love with Houston's vintage, thrift, resale  and consignment stores... my brief two month affair with NYC--VTRC stores officially ended with below find:

Dress from Taxi on Montrose (when you enter the store, take your immediate right and enter the connecting boutique, not sure if it has a name but this is where I found the dress and saw lots of other promising items).  I got it altered to fit my frame and could not be happier with the outcome.  Oh, and the dress was less than 20 bucks...

Lace gloves-Great Lookz; ring- THIS N THAT boutique, bracelets--Indian jewelry store on Bissonnet (Houston); crochet clutch- vintage

Roberto Cavalli strappy sandals-Net -a- Porter (Bday gift--THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!!!!!!!)

These shoes are currently sharing the bed with me... they are so beautiful and I'm loving its dainty strappyish look.  Any whoo... hope you guys are having a great week and happy Halloween to you all!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A stewing pot of fashion goodies: hot pink zig zags, below the knee allure, shimmering caramel, cut outs, color block, and a gold collar bone grazing earring-- OOOLALALALA...

Rings from Nordstroms, bracelet- Monet (vintage)

Fendi color block sandals (the fall version).  I die for these shoes!!!!!!!

Shimmering caramel top-Alvin Valley

Love the cut outs in the top.  Earings-Bolton's.

Skirt was tailor made using traditional Ghanaian material.  My fashion wish to the gods: let all pencil skirts hit below the knee...AAAAMMMMEEEEENNNNNNNN!!!

Until next time, 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gown and Flames

No gala to attend, try a BBQ gathering at your home..

This is me using any excuse to whip out one of my grand favorites-- a Badgley Mischka dress I got years ago.  Nothing is too much if you are entertaining at your own home.

Yeah... I could not get out of cooking.  Although I must admit I was more of a helper than an Emerald...

Apron-Anthropologie, Chef- hubby

Earring-Buffalo Exchange (Heights)

Bracelet and ring on left hand-vintage, bracelet on right hand- Couture Blowout (Houston consignment store)

Oh the stare... this was my impersonation of Storm (X-men).  I had wind and twirling of the garment... it was only a matter of time till my stare granted me access to a lift off... or so I hoped.


Monday, October 17, 2011


When he says idioms to the tune of-- I cannot stop thinking about you, You are the best girl I've ever been with, I want us to be official, and the mother of it all... I love you--  within the first few weeks of dating, run to the nearest grocery store, internet site or gym and pick out a replacement.   A man showing signs of emotional diarrhea within the first few weeks of dating will just as quickly develop constipation of feelings...  he will be over you and "onto the next one" in three and a half weeks flat.  

The Grinch...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The splatter of fall leaves--- Vintage style

Since I often get tired of looking at myself-- seriously... my calves haven't grown since I was eleven! I figured people that aren't me probably experience this same blah feeling of seeing me on here day in and day out , so... say hello and thank you to our visiting blogger,  Christiana, the nominated break from moi...

Print on dress reminds me off a fall leaf; vintage dress from Hell's Kitchen flea market. Shoes are by Christian Louboutin

Earrings from Housing Works in Chelsea

Watch by Pulsar, Chanel bag ( I sigh with longing for this bag)

Rings from Housing Works, necklace from Hell's Kitchen flea market, glasses are by Betsey Johnson

Have a great weak everyone and not to worry, there is more of Christiana and her fabulous dresses to come:)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

What I wore today...

Dress from resale shop-- Taxi-- on Montrose (Houston), Alberta Ferretti vest

 Rings: Flea Market, San Francisco (pearl), Nordstroms (purple ring)

Vintage Gucci case and Steve Madden shoes

Have a good week everyone!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poor Ava's Almanac...

WIth your new beau:

If he lets it “slip” that he mentioned you to his mum, don’t start picking out chinaware just yet.  Meeting the parents or them knowing about your existence is no longer monumental—in these modern economic times they are probably roommates with a certain someone not responsible for rent; or worse, they are best friends who talk about everything including your dislike of anything stove related…

The Grinch who stole love

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Phillip!!!!

It is evident I am in love with sparkles.  Sadly, I'm also aware that sparkles can be a bit much if worn outside an Oscar receiving event so I’m seeing a professional about it.  But in the mean time, before my diagnosis and consequent treatment from sparkles takes effect, here is another sparkly look-- a Phillip one-- I wore for a Sushi date with the hubby.  Enjoy?

Pillip Lim top

Don't you just love when a designer takes the time to add little things here and there on an outfit (in this case, the side flutters)?  Aldo flower ring, crochet purse--older than most of us-- given to me by my Grandmother

Carmen Marc Valvo pants

"Ruby" earrings from Ylang Yang

My banshee look...

Before signing off, I wanted to extend a huge welcome to the blog’s new followers stemming from the Fashion Bomb feature on 09/27/2011.  I hope you enjoy the clothes and keep coming back J 
For all those who wanted to ask me questions privately (I bet I know what it’s about …) I can be reached at 


Photos: Courtesy of Ohemaa Productions