Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gown and Flames

No gala to attend, try a BBQ gathering at your home..

This is me using any excuse to whip out one of my grand favorites-- a Badgley Mischka dress I got years ago.  Nothing is too much if you are entertaining at your own home.

Yeah... I could not get out of cooking.  Although I must admit I was more of a helper than an Emerald...

Apron-Anthropologie, Chef- hubby

Earring-Buffalo Exchange (Heights)

Bracelet and ring on left hand-vintage, bracelet on right hand- Couture Blowout (Houston consignment store)

Oh the stare... this was my impersonation of Storm (X-men).  I had wind and twirling of the garment... it was only a matter of time till my stare granted me access to a lift off... or so I hoped.



  1. You look absolutely stunning!!!!

  2. How mesmirizing! You're too fabulous for just one blog. Do another one!

  3. beautiful dress!

  4. You look amazing, I love the fact that you dressed up for entertaining your guest and you had no regrets!!