Sunday, April 29, 2012


Like Angie, I felt like my right leg needed a coming out party so I clothed it in below dress...

Calulla Lillibelle dress ( I love the slit and the midi length of the dress.  A good hour glass shape will do this dress more justice.  Sadly, I disappoint in that area but just imagine a J Lo or Beyonce type body in this dress-va va voom!)  Zara shoes

Neon necklace from Shop bop; bag and red studs-Vintage

Tuesday, April 24, 2012



ummm... no!!!!!

Broke the non-shopping pact with my husband. 

What can I say-- I love everything flowers and 50s
Does it need anymore explanation than this? I am woman he is man, let's dance!!!!!!
(been listening to Funny Girl non stop, love Babs)


Thursday, April 19, 2012

AVA meets AUDREY...

Ms. Hepburn, for those not on a first name basis with the one and only Fair Lady.

On this afternoon stroll with hubby, I begged him to take pics so I can have something to post.  He is not a fan of being my photographer so he just points and shoots.  As a result, you will have to pardon the horrible lighting and quality of some of the pics.  

Escada Jacket, Zara shorts, Chanel bag
Chanel flats and a gold anklet from an Indian shop in the Bissonnet area (Houston)

Vintage necklace, Tom Ford sunglasses
The point and click Photographer otherwise known as hubby in blog posts.

He does have an eye though...
Until next time

PS: I miss Mes Reves' official photographer...SISTER!!!!!! Where r u?????
“Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.” 
 Audrey Hepburn

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Candy

The color of these pants remind me of something very sweet and decadent-- A Gelato shop (pistachio flavors to be exact) or at least the whip cream, bubblegum land of Katy Perry's  California Girls video.  
I decided to pair it with something equally decadent-a flower print wrap blouse by Doo.Ri. 

Zara mint colored jeans and Roberto Cavalli python strappy sandals

Doo.Ri wrap blouse

Vintage earrings I got from my trip to Round Top, Texas. I loved them because they looked very art deco when I first saw them-- my hubby on the other hand thought they were "my pistol earrings". We clearly have different point of references.
Zara necklace

Here goes the bag lady--emptying out my car. I keep a lot of purses and shoes in my car, it's like my second closet.
Have a great week everyone, until next time


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Catalina Coffee--neighborhood coffee shop

Actually no one knows my name here and they will probably never know it-- the Barristers, clad in short shorts and plastered with tattoos, whether they be male or female, are way too hip for any kind of name recognition.   And my "modern me" will have it no other way, so... I keep going.
However, my "antique me" has this weird craving for a neighborhood Cheers and would love this little hipster haven to be it. To accomplish this, I have decided to go there enough times in ridiculous looking ensembles; someone might be inclined to just smile and nod at me-- the equivalent of having a Cheers in these modern times.  It hasn't happened yet, but I have hope.

So my outfit: In deciding how best to wear this skirt, I came up with a couple of different options-jury is still out if any of them are Vogue worthy; however, I took this first option out for a public test drive at the coffee shop. 

Skirt-Bill Blass Collection; top- American Apparel bikini top

Covered up bikini top with an American Apparel see through cropped top.  What did you think I was going to do? Walk out with just the bra on without there being an ounce of ocean or a sparkle of strobe light in sight???? Not that brave yet. Also, the extra tire around my midsection for inhaling anything belonging in the starchy food group will not allow that kind of 1990s bare stomach freedom.

Brian Atwood shoes

the Mocha there is absolutely divine!

Continued my afternoon with a visit to the neighborhood recording studio-- yep, they also do not care to know my name but "hey girl" is just as good as any on such  a lovely afternoon.
Tom Ford sunnies.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Small town Texas!

After beaucoup years of living in Houston, I am still trying to figure out the identity of this lovely state I call home.  As a result, the hubby and I finally took a trip outside of Houston to some of its neighboring small towns: Hempstead, Brenham, and Burton.  I really just dragged him to an annual antique show that was happening in Round Top, Texas.  We found no furniture but I found some great jewelry that I will show you'll in a separate post.

Bluebonnet field-- Texans are really proud of these.  I saw so many mamas and chidren taking pictures with the flowers; I am guessing for Easter cards... 

I had to do it

I REALLY HAD TO DO IT!!!!  Don't mess with Texans-- at least the ones that were born here.  I am sadly still against guns and could never own one.

Jewelry and buttons at the antique market

Stopped at a Winery-- yes... we have those.  Zara dress and necklace. Tom Ford sunglasses
And now lunch time...

Crawfish season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012


On the days where you would rather be in sweats and a hairnet than be bothered, try this instead...

H&M Top and scarf (tied into turban)

3 vintage rings worn on top of each other (the perfect finger for this type of adoration)

Ava by way of Seun:)