Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Catalina Coffee--neighborhood coffee shop

Actually no one knows my name here and they will probably never know it-- the Barristers, clad in short shorts and plastered with tattoos, whether they be male or female, are way too hip for any kind of name recognition.   And my "modern me" will have it no other way, so... I keep going.
However, my "antique me" has this weird craving for a neighborhood Cheers and would love this little hipster haven to be it. To accomplish this, I have decided to go there enough times in ridiculous looking ensembles; someone might be inclined to just smile and nod at me-- the equivalent of having a Cheers in these modern times.  It hasn't happened yet, but I have hope.

So my outfit: In deciding how best to wear this skirt, I came up with a couple of different options-jury is still out if any of them are Vogue worthy; however, I took this first option out for a public test drive at the coffee shop. 

Skirt-Bill Blass Collection; top- American Apparel bikini top

Covered up bikini top with an American Apparel see through cropped top.  What did you think I was going to do? Walk out with just the bra on without there being an ounce of ocean or a sparkle of strobe light in sight???? Not that brave yet. Also, the extra tire around my midsection for inhaling anything belonging in the starchy food group will not allow that kind of 1990s bare stomach freedom.

Brian Atwood shoes

the Mocha there is absolutely divine!

Continued my afternoon with a visit to the neighborhood recording studio-- yep, they also do not care to know my name but "hey girl" is just as good as any on such  a lovely afternoon.
Tom Ford sunnies.



  1. Ditto! Love the skirt.

  2. no wonder they might not ever know your name! dressing fab like that is only gonna get you in trouble!

  3. Love the black and white pic. More needed. I will be your subject again. V

  4. Oh, Ava. I just love that outfit - could I possibly borrow it for our next family get-together?

  5. Nicely put!! God had truly given your a calling...and a unique one at that....keep growing....xoxo

  6. Your=you..lol...delete for me....