Friday, April 6, 2012

Small town Texas!

After beaucoup years of living in Houston, I am still trying to figure out the identity of this lovely state I call home.  As a result, the hubby and I finally took a trip outside of Houston to some of its neighboring small towns: Hempstead, Brenham, and Burton.  I really just dragged him to an annual antique show that was happening in Round Top, Texas.  We found no furniture but I found some great jewelry that I will show you'll in a separate post.

Bluebonnet field-- Texans are really proud of these.  I saw so many mamas and chidren taking pictures with the flowers; I am guessing for Easter cards... 

I had to do it

I REALLY HAD TO DO IT!!!!  Don't mess with Texans-- at least the ones that were born here.  I am sadly still against guns and could never own one.

Jewelry and buttons at the antique market

Stopped at a Winery-- yes... we have those.  Zara dress and necklace. Tom Ford sunglasses
And now lunch time...

Crawfish season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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