Sunday, September 18, 2011


No "good deed" goes unnoticed... Is the State of Texas finally getting props from the powers that be for giving the Republican party a candidate to fuss over?  It looks like it since Houston got moved from the depths of hell and into purgatory this past week-- We are currently experiencing below 100 degrees weather!   So in terms of fashion, I took it a step further and pretended 85 is actually 70 degrees when I chose my attire for Sunday brunch... I am sooo ready for fall fashion...

Zara Sweater (I love the blood orange color of this sweater) and Alexander Wang dress--my new staple. Notice the cut on the back of the dress... does wonders for the backside.

So, yes... I could live in long silk dresses.  My ideal fashion will be when nightgowns (not the bunny printed or flannel kind) are allowed during the day.  And since I need a CAUSE for the fall, I shall take it upon myself to send out the appropriate requests to the fashion powers that be... Anna?

Turquoise necklace from This N That

Necklace was a present from my hubby, bracelet from Mishu boutique (Seattle), vintage medical bag (high fashion homes), and stolen flip flops

Have a good week everyone!


  1. funny chick! this is not Anna by the way - it's Chance.

  2. love the curls Ava!

  3. I love the colors of your outfit. That orange sweater looks naturally gorgeous. There is a bold but effortless feel I get from this outfit!!! I love it. Your bag is so chic and I love the statment necklace!!!

    Keep the great outfits coming!!!

  4. I love the way it looks together! We should go shopping more often. :)