Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poor Ava's Almanac... tip of the day

To all the over-educated and self-proclaimed independent women* out there... REPEAT AFTER MOI:

I will never again look down on a woman that succeeded in obtaining the controversial, Ivy League, M.R.S degree; I will instead maintain a hint of appreciation sprinkled with a dash of jealousy for her prowess.  
For it is written... smiley are those who realize that the feminist movement (the live to work part), isn't a one size fit all notion--there is something to be said for not waking up to an alarm clock or not owning the responsibility of padding one's own pockets.

*Only pertains to women being taxed below the 35% tax bracket; if you are above this bracket, I feel you can probably afford to buy your own happiness. 


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