Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poor Ava’s Almanac… How to lose a guy in our cyber age

Relationships are like wine; give it time to breathe before you begin the process of swirling, smelling, sipping, and savoring when determining if it does or doesn't deserve the prestigious 90+ rating.

In lay man’s terms: quit looking for skeletons within the first few weeks of dating—I can assure you, you will find them.  

And then... instead of enjoying each other whilst allowing the relationship to oxidizemy advice is to live in a laissez- faire state for at least six months—your turn as Sherlock Holmes within the first of couple of months of dating gave you no other choice but to break off the relationship in its embryonic state because he made out with Chick B from the bar in the second week of you knowing each other (“I mean… how distrustful and shady!”).  

You of course found this out by searching through his text messages (most used portal), emails, listening to his voice mails, and my personal favorite—stalking his FB account and the accounts of all his female FB friends to figure out if everything is truly on the up and up.  Mind you, you already did a background check on him the moment he gave you his last name… I take it back; Sherlock got nothing on 21stcentury’s women when it comes to dating...


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