Sunday, September 11, 2011


About a decade ago, I received a telegram from my alter ego banishing me from wearing short, flirty skirts-- apparently... "it was all about long, flowy, maxi skirts or short bandaged type skirts paired with combat boots".  And me not being one to ruffle any feathers, especially those of my version of Tyler Durden (Edward Norton's other personality in the movie, Fight Club), my short skirts were immediately donated or thrashed... but like "everyman", I  subconsciously kept one for a future rebellion... for the day when I DON THE FORBIDDEN SHORT SKIRT circa 90s...

Flower headband from a vintage store in the historic Heights, earrings from This 'n' That (NYC)

A.L.C. top (Barneys), American Apparel gold bikini top, and DVF SHORT, FLIRRRTY skirt
Bangles from an Indian boutique on Bissonnet (Houston), green ring- This 'n" That, and Prada wedges
Continuing in the spirit of defying Durden, I tried something different with my hair...
Hope you have a fab upcoming week!

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