Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend wrap up!

My sister was parading around our home in this outfit  and I just adored the fresh look of it...

Dress and belt from Bergdorf Goodman

Gye Nyame gold pendant

Excerpts from a lunch conversation:
"I want a pill, stronger than time for unknowing someone.  I mean... you can replace a person's actions, the way they love, their sense of humor and definitely their kindness-- if they had any; but you can never replace or trick the mind to just forget their core, the unexplainable. You can never really "un-know" someone"

"I think the core or the unexplainable as you say, is what some call the zsa zsa zsu--what women supposedly want.  And to your point, I agree... bidi bop bop or the zsa zsa zsu without the promise of selective amnesia is definitely not worth it..." 

Have a good week everyone:)


  1. You look gorg and that quote really got me thinking

  2. Now that is a pic!!!!! Love.