Sunday, December 4, 2011


"No one will ever love me", it said in between sobs;
"but... but... you can get use to me..."*

I believe this is what the fur vest told fashion trendsetters about two years ago.
And yes, dear fur vest; we have certainly gotten use to you...

Fur vest from Blackbird Trading Co on Montrose (Houston); Blue suede booties: French Connection; Jeans R 13 (Barneys)

Earrings: Buffalo Exchange; Ray Ban sunglasses

Watch: Target--  I am no longer in love with bubble gum pink; I have it replaced it with this watch's delicious berry color!

Ring is Alvine's own creation; crochet top is from H&M

Have a great week everyone!

* Original quote from Tennessee Williams' The Loss of a Tear Drop Diamond


  1. tooo cute!!

  2. Im a friend of Telisia and was referred to this site showcasing your fabulous sense of style and fashion! You are definetly Gorgeous and have amazing tatse to boot! Im inlove with your vintage neiman marcus outfit and the photo featuring the shiny black evening gown! Can we Say DIVA!!?? It's time we started, hon!
    ...DIVA!!! ~Much love and support!~Crystal Mystique

  3. Thanks Crystal! and any friend of T's is a definitely a friend of mine. Keep coming back, hopefully I keep you entertained.