Friday, December 16, 2011


Fendi waist bag (I've had this for years and I continue to love it-- comes in handy during Christmas shopping when one needs both hands to wrestle gifts from poachers)

Asos sweater, Acne high-waisted skinny jeans, and Roberto Cavalli shoes
My hubby walked in on me posing; hence the ridiculous giggles.

Ring was made by the store 19th on Replay with vintage material and stones.

My dinner-- snails from Broken Spoke Cafe (my new favorite place). As a Ghanaian, I am use to bigger snails so I had to order another bowl; definitely time for a visit home.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Above look made it on fab sugar's look of the week, check out below link if you please (Yeah!).
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  1. OMG! Amazing!!!!! From head to toe!!!!

  2. just curious what does snail taste like? btw you look great :)

  3. love that blue top and the skinny jeans. you look amazing.

  4. Thanks guys, lol@ chez...I grew up on it which can explain my love for it. It is more a love of texture thing and how it is seasoned when it comes to snails, at least for me.