Wednesday, December 7, 2011


A couple of months ago, a lovely shop girl offered me 5 magic wands in exchange for me reaching the upper limits on my Nordstrom’s visa.  These miracle wands were to give me stalks of flirty eyelashes that will grace my cheekbones whenever I felt the need to blink…I of course conceded.

Mirror! Mirror! On the wall, which is the fairest one of all…

Guerlain, Lancome Hypnose Drama, Estee Lauder Sumptuous, Nars Hyperlash, or Clinique high impact mascara????

The Mirror answered:
Guerlain can leave one penniless 
Clinique... grantor of the corporate Accountant lashes leaves you with neat and unassuming lashes, 
Hyperlash gives you the lashes of a Vogue staff (the eyelash equivalent of wearing 4 plus inch heels to work-- not bad at all!),
Estee lauder... more thickness and not enough length (gotta have both dear)

I therefore choose...

Hypnose Drama!!!!!!  It gives both thickness and length.

Hope this helps the next time you all are in the market for mascaras.  I also really love the Maybeline mascara with the pink and green packaging-- pick that up from a drugstore if you haven't tried it yet.



  1. I like the good old Maybeline with pink and green tube :-

  2. That is by far the best one for your buck!