Sunday, November 7, 2010

Latest bargain find

Tip of the week- make it a point to visit at least one CRT (consignment/resale/thrift store) before a major shopping trip. If you are lucky, you might starve off spending loads of money at the mall by finding something as magnificent as this 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent dress for less than half the original price.  Miracles do happen:)

I took my new find out for Sushi.  I could not really have Italian or anything substantial in this dress for fear of busting out...

I wore a bracelet as an anklet to jazz up my dainty gold strappy sandals.


  1. Good job Carla and I enjoy your blogspot. Life is what you imagine it to be. Cheers Dr. D

  2. the house is looking lovely - must visit soon!

  3. Very Nice Carla.
    I also wanted to share with your this hair product that you might like.