Saturday, November 27, 2010

ooo lala!

The hubby and I decided to visit Paris for Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, it is so cold out here I am unable to stalk fashionistas and post their pics.  The city is all bundled up.  It seems like navy blue, black and sometimes fur coats paired with knee-high riding boots is the Parisian uniform. I tried going out without bundling but ended up not being able to give up warmth for fashion, see my progress below...

Dress and belt from Zara

Still cold, boots from Max Mara

I was reminded that it was not your fault I was freezing so I should try smiling.  Had to scream, since my mouth was frozen shut

Finally, bundled up ala the whole of Paris...

If you think I am making this up, check out the onlookers-all bundled!


  1. No wonder you were cold, your dress was too light

  2. fab, fab, fab. you blend in with the locals so well, i bet.

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