Sunday, February 3, 2013


"He can't get it up!"
Now, you might think I'm about to write yet another article that pulls from SATC's boat of life lessons and for once you will be wrong.  This phrase is from a movie and not SATC. Apparently, men not getting it up and women failing to notice such things until their wedding night are common enough themes for that phrase to also appear in the Ghanaian movie, The Perfect Picture [Side note: it's the age of GIRLS, you would think people will learn the importance of taking the car out for a test drive before purchasing it].
Anyways, back to my story:  I was lucky enough to watch the movie when it first showed at the Accra Mall with my cousin, Jackie Appiah, the star of the movie.  And even though there were parts of the movie that were a little DejaVu--there is nothing new under the sun after all-- I enjoyed it tremendously and was really impressed with how the film turned out.  I thought it was shot beautifully, the girls and their men looked absolutely stunning, and the story lines, especially Jackie's, were sufficiently entertaining.

Now fast forward to present day.  My cousin is up for the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) for her role in the movie and it is imperative that she wins.  Trust me when I say this, she is deserving of this award--no nepotism here; I'm serious... with the exception of some questionable fashion choices, when have I ever steered you wrong?
So please, please go to the following link and vote Jackie Appiah for Best Actress in a Drama.  Again, pretty please!!  It does not matter if you have not seen the movie, just go vote for her and have your friends do the same.  I might do a give away if she wins  (I've got a pair of sz 40 Jimmy Choo's that's looking for a new home).  Yes, I believe in bribery...

Meanwhile, enjoy some pics from the set of the movie that she sent over.


PS: Jackie is the one in the wedding dress and the no flattening strapless bra (I did not know those existed).


  1. Voted! She is awesome.

  2. you're jackie appiah's cpusin :o thats amazing! shes such a good her.