Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Manic Pixie

I am not a manic pixie girl

I don’t wake up with a flock of singing birds flying about my window and if for some reason I had birds at my window, they will be more Hitchock than Disney.  I certainly don’t rise up out of bed with arms outstretched to heaven, perfectly disheveled hair ala a Neutrogena commercial and a cutesy yawn in tow.  Instead, I roll out of bed in the dark, mentally give a finger to the heavens for having a life that requires an alarm clock and then drag myself to the bathroom with my hair looking more like Don King

I am not a manic pixie girl

On all days, I go about my business without evoking eccentric personality traits at every turn.  I do not burst into a song and dance just to get laughs out of people, my mannerisms doesn’t resemble that of a Terex patient and my sole responsibility is not teaching significant others new ways to embrace life.  I have my own happiness to worry about.

I am not a manic pixie girl

Nor am I an air head, a superficial snob that does not get along with other women, a sex kitten, or a bitter career woman that is so into my job that I forget to get laid and need the ghosts of past time to appear and remind me that I need to get a man and some munchkins before…
it’s Christmas and it's too late for ANYTHING...brouhahaha…..

I am a woman who will cringe at making a public scene and will just die on the spot if someone I know made a public scene in my presence (no outrageous anythings at my door step please)

I do not always have a sunny disposition and for the life of me I cannot think of why I should have a smile plastered on my face 24/7

I don’t crash into things

I've maintained relationships

I don’t think the world of everyone I meet and that does not make me a bitch.

I don’t break into a run in heels for any reason.  To sum it up, I can wait till day two to profess my love to the man of my dreams if there is such a thing.  Oh yeah… And another thing, I don’t profess.  I calmly communicate

I am not a manic pixie girl

Take heed Hollywood, We are not all manic pixie girls
We do not all fit into any one mold. Tinseltown already realizes that there are different types of men: The strong silent type, I’ve dated them all; the communicative, pseudo understanding type, I’ve slept with them all; the artist type, I’ve admired them from afar, the crazy serial killer, the troubled yet loving one, I could go on forever; so why can’t they realize there are different types of women?
Please throw me a bone and show me different variations of women instead of variations of manic pixie or straight tunnel vision working girl?  
  I am starting to think there is something wrong with me when identifying myself as a woman’s woman simply because 


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