Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunset Willow

Happy Memorial day everyone! For today's festivities, I made crab cakes and as always, was a very good helper to my Hubby while he was grilling.  Well, maybe not a big help since there were a lot of mosquitoes out today. My whole body itches just thinking of it.
I was able to snap a couple of pics for your entertainment. Hope you enjoy

 I got this Printed Silk Organza Willow dress due to the print.  It's so pretty and so vivid; I'm wrapped in sunset!  I think I would have liked it more without the black net on top but this will do

 Miu Miu snakeskin pink brogues and now behold! the crab cakes...

And they were quite enjoyable.

Doing the matrix to avoid a mosquito that was heading right for my face
Until next time,


  1. Love! What lipstick are u wearing

  2. Thanks Kristin and I am wearing Ruby Woo by Mac