Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dispatch to Jamaica-- C!

We landed.  And you know how some women, Beyonce comes to mind, go on and on about the instant connection and unexplainable love they have for their kid? Well... that still hasn't happened to me; however, my husband swears he experienced that exact feeling for Jamaica the moment we got out of the airport and onto the Jamaican asphalt. His love for the country, its people, culture, and food was so poignant it was contagious-- when in Rome... 
I did get back to my American roots and spent a good amount of time imbibing on various drinks and getting caught up on my reading.  I caught a bug during my last days there after one too many and have renewed my vow never to touch Vodka.
It was definitely a trip worth remembering.

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  1. Absolutely lovely pictures!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed them

  2. beautiful woman, beautiful couple!

  3. Great pictures, beautiful couple.