Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ava Drake Capsule collection

So... it's been a good while and my proper parents, Oprah and Gayle Winfrey still haven't found me.  Money is running out and telling people that I am important because of who my long lost parents are, is  not providing me with free things and a stress free life.  I had to make some changes.   So in hopes of trying to make my "parents" notice me, I have decided to become a designer. It's definitely a lot harder than I imagined and my nails can no longer hold on to a manicure thanks to the woes of the sewing machine, but alas...
The Winfrey's better be worth it. Without further ado....

Ladies and maybe one gent, I present to you OUTFIT 1 (of 7) of the Ava Drake Capsule collection.  All outfits will be presented on this blog and instagram over the weeks and will be available for purchase at in December.

The easy part-- Sketch/Illustration:

The sketch realized:

Hope you like, and if you don't, keep it to yourself. XOXO

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