Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer nights... blushing stories

"... Logan is the modern day double 007. Gone is the slightly detectable stomach tire of the old James Bond; instead is a body that any breathing woman or in some cases, male, cannot walk away from.  Extremely handsome, with intelligent piercing eyes, his jaw line would put Daniel Craig's to shame-- many have felt the all elusive Shakespearean  love just by glancing his way ... crap! he is currently looking my way..."  (excerpt from the day dreaming mind of Ava Drake)

Blush dress by DVF, sash by Escada

Trying to bring back hoops as I don't see them on others anymore.  A true fan, it never disappeared from my jewelry rotation.

Manolo slides. Hope you have a great week!

pics by DMJ Productions


  1. Blushing stories indeed! Nice touch with Escada ribbon (oh, sash!). And FYI, hoops lever left - been wearing them weekly for the past 5 years!

  2. Yes, love it, when will it be grazing my closet again? It is missed on a regular basis.
    PS: I too wear hoops all the time

  3. Carla my love, am living vicariously through your excerpts:) Loving your color choice and contrasting sash!!!