Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Nights... Sticky and Sweet

The number one item on my bucket list: enjoy a whole summer reminiscent of my high school days... here is to hoping that happens sooner rather than later (wish I had a champagne glass icon to toast you'll here).  Until then, there are always summer nights for us working folks...
 Dress- Twenty8Twelve

Due to the tightness and shortness of this dress, it can only be worn once or twice a year; usually during the times when I have purchased too many clothes and cannot afford groceries.

Report Signature slides, there is not a slide out there that I will not fall in love with-- I am just a sucker for that style of shoes.

Hope you have a good rest of the week


  1. I went through all of your posts and most say that your skin and hair are incredible. I found your skin posts to be pretty interesting, as I share similar issues having dark skin. I must ask, what do you do to your hair? I think my favorite image of your hair is in this post, with your back towards the camera. It looks so full, long and healthy. I'm not sure if you wear extensions or not (I do, and totally take no issue with anyone who does) but whatever it is, it looks amazing and I need details so that I may follow. <3


  2. Queen,
    I think you are discussing the cut-- it is layered in. Since you have extensions, you can also get this look by purchasing different lengths of hair and installing it that way. Shampooing is also essential:)

  3. PS: Email me privately if you have other questions