Thursday, August 25, 2011

Career Day

Well, we Texans are currently celebrating the Torch of Tejano month (occurs in August of every year)-- and what that usually entails is a push to limit one's activities to the necessary so one can avoid the Somalia like heat that descends on this great state during this time-- example... I only go to work (a garage to garage experience) as I fear my skin will melt off my bones if I am out of the AC for more than 2 minutes to say... walk the distance from the grocery store's parking lot into the store itself.  As a result, all I have been wearing recently are work clothes; so in relation to the blog,  I have decided to declare August as career month. Below is my most recent work ensemble:

Escada top and Tracy Reese skirt (so cute...a woven type material with branded gold stars)

Chloe peeptoes

Aldo necklace serving as a bib (held in place with safety pins)

To the chagrin of the men in my life-- my new red lipstick: Scarlet by Dior

Hope you have a good rest of the week and stay cool!

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  1. You look absolutely stunning