Monday, August 1, 2011

Picnic with vintage finds

Saturday afternoon's activity... I continued my unrequited love affair with nature and dragged my sister out for a picnic.  We weren't there long since Texas is now auditioning to replace hell if and when it freezes over. For the occasion, we both paid homage to the vintage gods:

head band from Urban Outfitters and bangles from India

Both of us have on vintage dresses; mine is from the store Taxi located on Montrose.

Ray Ban sunglasses, hat from Nordstroms' Men (my head is too big to fit anything made for women)
You can definitely tell who the sportier one is in our family.  Flats on sis: Aldo; on moi: Chanel.  

Hope you have a great week

pics by DMJ productions


  1. mhm...was thinking that hat and the bag can both come to greece with moi.....hehehehe

  2. OMG! Best post EVER! you ladies look fab. I'm jeally...

  3. I buy mens hats too!!
    My Ghanaian Dome piece WILL NOT fit into women's hats unfortunately.

    I really enjoyed reading this blog, definitely going to follow.

    Shelly a la mode