Monday, July 25, 2011

Mustard yellow

My favorite color of the season accompanied me out today; thanks Veronica (sister) for letting me borrow this lovely jacket!

I have gotten reacquainted with my romance novels due to the disappointment that was Single Ladies.  In hand is one by Rachel Gibson.  I love all of hers-- nice, cheesy, and informative.  I am now fluent in Hockey speak thanks to her hockey series.  -

On moi: Kay Unger Jacket and chiffon pants by Carmen Marc Valvo

earring from Ylang Ylang

belt by Missoni

Pardon my face, I have no idea what I was doing.  Red slides by Guess

Have a good week, 

Pictures taken by DMJ Productions


  1. Jessica Stivers-DraperJuly 26, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    You share my love for FASHION!!! You put this together sooooo nicely!!! Miss you!

  2. AVA - great post! hair is looking mighty fab. Go Chi, go Chi!

  3. LOL at "nice, cheesy, and informative". You're a trip AVA!

  4. OMG I want that mirror. It is fabulous! The outfit is nice too but that mirror has me swooning.

  5. These shots scream Vogue honey! I loooove them and your style. Found you on FBD and i'm now a follower...follow back if you'd like :-)

  6. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!! Love every single thing about this look! The pics are flawless.what kind of camera do you use?


  7. Thanks Roni and this pic was taken with a Nikon D90.