Sunday, March 11, 2012

On the Ocean Waves We Dwell

all dressed up with nowhere to go

it hurts like the open cracks in my heels

let's go for a ride through love's forest of regrets

forget about "strawberry fields", i'm submerged in a field of one-nighters, cancellations, and aches

it feels so good that it's sure to be over in the morning

come tickle my toes and let's see where it takes us

don't ruffle my feathers, come ruffle my heart

it wasn't meant to last forever, were you not warned?

my knees buckled, my heart sank - there was nowhere to go but to the ground

the perfect day cannot be without waking up in your nook

give me vodka, give me tonic, but know that none is stronger than your spell on me

love, sex and drugs - none is more toxic than love

Written by Christiana Ajele Duodu


  1. thanks for sharing AVA!

  2. Oh dear, let's all thank Christiana for being a genius