Monday, October 11, 2010

Observations of the week


 Beyonce seems like a woman that possesses a decent amount of self awareness.  So it just amazes me that she chooses to kill the senses of her avid followers by being in movies.  I am definitely not obsessed with her acting chops and can definitely fight the temptation to witness her prominent unwavering accent present in all her movies. With that said, Beyonce, like Carrie Bradshaw and shoes, KNOWS her weave.  I doubt I will be in line for food if this country ever experiences a famine, but I will definitely be in line for B's tell all book on weaves.  You might not agree with this hairstyle and might liken it to Paris Hilton's poodle, but I see sexy fiery curls.  I definitely cosign it.  Crimper here I come.

A couple of days ago I came across an article where Katie Holmes was giving fashion advice alongside her Holmes &Yang partner.  Yes, the lady that went out in public looking like above had the nerve to tell people what fashion is about.  But who are we to blame to her?  Fashion has now become the fall back career for all failed actresses, models, singers, reality stars and the Jersey Shore cast mates (their antics put them  in a genre separate from other reality stars).  I am highly enraged that Ms. My style has turned to shit ever since Victoria Beckham stopped dressing and limiting my food intake is now a voice we should be listening to.

Epitome of Chanel.  I want it all.

Is it me or is Naomi Watt looking better than a twenty-five year old? Someone please write a "tell all" on how to keep the quarter life glow sans surgery.  I nominate Halle Berry.

Lost in translation.  She does prove my earlier point of not getting on the fur vest bandwagon.  For now, only an Olsen is allowed to do this trend.


  1. Great stuff! I concur with everything you've written! ~Greg

  2. Greg, my darling Diva... Is that you?? ;)