Thursday, February 3, 2011

Butterflies... Welcome to Love Lines

From a reader: 

I arrived at the elevator bank and gleefully awaited the comfort of leaning against the elevator's steel shell (After a night of dancing in 5 inch heels, I needed the rest). The doors parted. And directly in my line of vision was a human version of a shell made of steel--warm, chiseled, aloof- just the right frame for me to lean my tired body against. 

His complexion reminded me of liquid chrome: capuccino swirled with flecks of gold. I stepped into the elevator... he smiled. Somehow in the seconds it took the elevator to get me to my destination, we had our first night for the next night planned. Like a romantic movie yet to be made, we exchanged scarves at the end of the elevator ride to ensure I made it to our upcoming meeting--as if that was needed. 

We met at my hotel lobby the next night for our first official date--dinner, drinks, and a play--let's just say, I am no longer searching for Rhett Butler.  During our date, I felt like I was in a "RomCom" montague--easy listening tunes playing to the beat of the movie's lead characters laughing and talking incessantly with no discernible sound--I was in romance heaven. 

My new project--leave no pillow unturned, I must find a naturalized version of this wonderful liquid chrome Italiano:)

Single on NYE

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