Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Blue Jean baby..."

It is a good week to be a vain American.  And if you ask why-- I would have to ask you to slap yourself across the face, courtesy of moi, for not coming up with this:

THE OSCARS--the patriarch of all the award shows and my personal Superbowl-- where heinous tackles are replaced with below-the-belt jokes; referees mediate the competition by way of amiable acceptance speeches (i.e.: “I’m so honored to have been nominated with…); testosterone is beautifully repackaged in Hugo Boss suits; and the women are not on the sidelines cheering, but rather, actively participating in winning the night’s equivalent of the Lombardi trophy –a solid gold Oscar man-- finally airs on Sunday.  I just cannot wait to wonder... again... why my smiles and sincere laughter are not as infectious and disarming as Jolie's.

So as not to get lost in Operation: America the beautiful, I decided to remind us all of this country's utilitarian days and put on the official American uniform--blue jeans-- with a few tweaks of course

Acne high-waisted jeans with Tory Burch striped cashmere sweater.  Bracelet from Ylang-Ylang at the Houston Galleria
Skinny belt from J Crew, shoes by Balenciaga

Beaded jacket by DVF
Happy Oscars!


  1. Unreal to me that your blog isn't overflowing with comments! Very refreshing style...I did a brief write up, regarding your blog, here:

  2. Thanks a lot Key. Love the write up!

  3. you look great in this all american look, but as woman with a typical ghanaian belly i can't pull that off. my fupa will be showing gloriously.