Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter staples... Are there such things?

Barring my brief stint in the Pacific Northwest, I have lived in hot weather locations my whole life.  From the African equator to the humid planes of Houston, the need to accumulate winter gear has never been on my priority list.  My weapon of choice for the week of winter in Houston is never to brave the elements--I move from  garage to garage without ever stepping a foot outside.  

Unfortunately for me this season, Houston's weather has been temperamental-- we are in our third cold week, with today's temperature at 22 degrees--this has led to my most recent musing: global warming is clearly a misnomer, I find that global cooling is more befitting. Yes, I have been told that the ice caps are melting but really friends, it shall all balance out when the Gulf of Mexico takes its place and freezes over instead.  A bit dramatic, I know, but you would be too if you find that your lively duties can no longer be buried till sunny days;  yet your teeth cackles every time you step outside due to your inappropriate wardrobe.  

As a result, I've been browsing the net and flipping through magazines to find winter gear inspirations from what the glitterati are wearing.  Here are some observations of pictures posted within the last month on my favorites sites and blogs: 

Although she looks magnificent... 

this outfit does not really work for winter unless she is pairing the dress with a fur coat that will provoke Peta into a hysterical rage usually displayed by bratty children on airplanes

Another lovely look but not viable for anything under mid 50s.  Trust me, my closet is filled with variations of this look.  Also, she is just too happy for it to be truly cold outside.  The photographer is probably holding a hand held heater.

I was beginning to lose hope and resort to paying people to live my life for me during the cold weather time when I saw this next look...

She just looks so warm.   Wool, cashmere, leather, fur: she is literally a hearty stew of winter goodness.  I know I vanquished the fur vest to the Olsens' closets in an earlier post, but worn this way, us mere mortals should be able to pull it off.

Not vapor inducing like the look above, but I gather this look can be the casserole of winter when belted.

Lessons learned:
Contrary to what the fashion world led me to believe season after season, stream lining my winter gear with proportionate layers just is not appropriate for more than three minutes outside in the dead of winter.  There are no such things as Winter staples apart from a coat--a bulky one at that-- and car with a working heater. Because friends, to be fashionable is to freeze.  Unless you are brave enough to invest in fur...

Pics from Vogue and Bazaar

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