Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Musing of the day: Black don't crack...

but we sure can expand.  Let this be a cautionary tale to all of us (Refer to pic below of Pam Grier) .  

Now don't get me wrong, she will always be fabulous because... well... she is Foxy Brown and a "baaad muthaaa...".  However, I had to do a triple take because at first glance, I thought I was looking at Roseanne.  I guess it does not help that I recently caught a rerun of Jackie Brown with Pam looking and being fierce--I just was not prepared for her new shape...

In any case, I am no longer bringing bread pudding in the bed with moi


PS: Ms. O on other hand looks great.  In other words, I am not saying we should all be on the liquid diet. But maintaining our shape throughout the aging process will definitely help us in winning the aging battle ala Halle and Diana Ross.

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