Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bye bye winter!

Or in our case (i.e. Texans), bye bye tumultuous fall. I lived in below fox-fur trimmed hoodie all season.  It was very lazy of me but as I have been told many times, lazy becomes moi.  That was definitely not a compliment when stated, but I was too blah (i.e mentally lazy) to care...

Ahhh, my spring dream...

I am on the hunt for this outfit--well, mainly I want, want, want the turban.  Unfortunately, I find that it is impossible to find one large enough to fit my head.  Till next time...


  1. love the pants. Another option is to create your own turban look using a scarf, that way its guaranteed to fit!


  2. Seun, if you know how to tie a scarf to look like a turban, please do it and submit a "how to" video for moi:) Pretty please!!!!!!

  3. haha. well I will post a how to video that someone else made.

  4. ha, it's funny you said that about the turban because i was thinking the same thing when i saw the image via!

    just get a scarf and wrap it as a turban... that's what i did!

  5. turban tutorial as promised, there are others, but this was the shortest, my attention span is very limited :)