Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom... Fringe frenzy

It hit 89 degrees yesterday afternoon and everywhere I turned someone was having a crawfish boil party.  I took the liberties of inviting myself over to my neighbor's party and was rewarded with the best crawfish (first time ever having them).  I know... I owe them a "thank you" gift.  It's a lot of work to eat ( involves breaking, applying pressure and sucking-- just to get the meat from the tail end) but it's so worth it.  I wish I had taken pictures of the meal and the pro-crawfish eaters around for you guys; it was definitely something to see.  For the occasion I wore...

Fringe top from Zara and a Silk Marni skirt I picked up from a consignment store in Chelsea

Fendi "colorblock" sandals: my splurge of the season so you will be seeing it quite often.

Roberto Cavalli sunglasses

And finally, a close up of the headless fashion victim.   Hope you are having a good Sunday!

Pictures are courtesy of DMJ Productions


  1. I LUV the Fendi's. I am so glad you kept them.

    I was thinking about hitting the Tavern this weekend for crawfish since it is fairly cheap and has been good in years past.

  2. You definitely should!!! I throughly enjoyed chowing down. About the Fendi's... I am so in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!