Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My homeless look

For brunch with my gf, I went for the thrash bag, baggy look and she went for classy with a pop--check out her heels.
And yes, my hair is attacking her face...
On moi: Milly jumpsuit, Open Ceremony boots and a Winter Kate fringed top

This look only works when I am going out without my hubby, he detests my "Dr. Seuss" shoes--he came up with that name all by himself :) 

Hope you are having a good week


  1. Oh Carla you do not look like you are homeless though I am scratching my head at the shoe selection here. Cute shoes but they don't seem to go with the jumpsuit. I'm thinking more along the lines of metallic shoes.

  2. Check out one of my earlier posts--I did pair the jumpsuit with gold slides--was in an Olsen mood this time though:)

  3. i agree with the part about looking homeless. i LOOK homeless on a regular basis according to mother. i tried to explain the hippy chic look, but she grumbled back the usual... you look homeless i dont know why i bother buying you nice dresses.

  4. dude nikki is looking good. "i see you nicole G" :)

  5. Did you take those shoes from a homeless person? :)

  6. I do not answer comments from Anonymous heiffers!!!! Reveal yourself Seun or Veronica...