Friday, April 22, 2011

Interesting bit of the day...

Apparently one of my BBAAMM girls (1), Brit Brit,  has been accused of pulling a Natalie Portman-- i.e.  using a dance double for her role in her current music video ,"Till the world ends".
Honestly?!... the gall of these haters!!!!!  What an insult to the "next Madonna"... although I think Gaga has that title now.  The dancing in this video, as seen below, resembles a lukewarm version of a P90x aerobics class. How dare they imply that Brit Brit cannot jump around like any of the workout junkies I see on a Saturday morning infomercial!!??!!?
If you are going to taint a person's name, try to make it believable.  If you said her dancing in the video for "Stronger" was done using a dance double, I will believe you.  Because, honestly, how was a seventeen year old girl able to do "that" with a chair when it takes years and years of practice for the cream of the crop strippers-- Vegas Strippers-- to master those particular chair dance moves?

You can judge for yourself; copy below links into your browser:

(1): BBAAM girls: Artists whose CDs I will always buy because I enjoy listening to them when having a dance-off with myself-- Beyonce, Britney, Alicia Keys, Aguilera, Mary J. and Madonna

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