Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Musing of the day... An Affair To Remember... ?????

Clearly on CP (colored people) time, I just watched this movie on TCM.  And after the butterflies, brought on by Cary Grant's sheer magnetism, settled in my stomach, I began to wonder... Is it really an affair if the couple in question ends up together for happily ever after?  I then decided the movie was inappropriately titled-- from my experience, affairs are better forgotten.
Picture this alternative scenario: Grant stays true to his playboy character (as most of them almost always do) and remain a no show at the Empire State building. In this instance, would Debra Kerr want An Affair To Remember or would she have stood in line at the memory eraser bank ala Jim Carey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and wish for her new lover to be entirely erased from her mind?   An Affair to Remember?  If it is all the same to you, I would rather not.
Yes, not all great love stories are meant to stand the test of time, but who the hell wants to remember them if they don't?  Like most modern women, I once fell victim to the grandeur associated with having love affairs solely for their memories (Bridges of Madison County, anyone?) ... but as life has thought me, it is not "passionately love" if you cannot make it last or as a dear friend once said, "This is not my first time at the Rodeo; I am looking for a champion bull rider that can last longer than eight seconds".  Of course, death is an exception:) 

Written by an avid "Dear Abby" reader.  

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