Saturday, April 16, 2011

Poor Richard's Almanac...

I apologize... Poor Richard’s  Ava’s Almanac...  agreeably, a less profound version of Franklin's book of proverbs. 


"I might in this place attempt to gain thy favor, by declaring that I write almanacs with no other view than that of the public good; but in this I should not be sincere; and men are nowadays too wise to be deceived by pretences, however specious.  The plain truth of the matter is, I am excessively poor and my fashion habits, a fiercely feisty one, cannot bear to be left starving season after season-- Burberry thigh-high boots, fur lined parka, Celine bag-- the list goes on, are yet to be acquired.  My habit has threatened to leave moi if I do not make some profitable use of whatever gifts the good Lord has granted me.  Since I have yet to find the means to cure cancer, I have decided to settle on my wayward thoughts as my way of means; and thus I have begun to comply and start this series of 'watered down' proverbs in hopes of increasing readership, thereby gaining advertising money from Google..." (Franklin, slightly altered for Author's purpose)

Quotes of the day:  
1) A work related compliment is the life line for achieving professional contentment 
2) Men are better as gravy than as the main meal
3) Stress and anxiety like energy cannot be destroyed, simply transferred from one person to another.  Learn to close your office door!

Until next time, 


  1. close your office door if you have one! I'll definitely not close it but lock it the moment i get in!

  2. Very lovely! I agree with the close your office door part but you and I both know that it is not a deterrent for some people. Apparently a closed door means "Welcome, I don't mind if you come in." LOL

  3. Catherine,
    Oh how I have missed thee!!!!!!!