Sunday, June 17, 2012


For reasons better left undiscussed, my weave and I decided to part ways for the summer.  I am getting used to wearing my hair again and extremely curious to see if I end up changing the way I dress based on my new hairstyle.  

But for now, I allowed my hubby to dress me. His outfit for moi, was a departure from my norm, but I really liked!
He wanted an Aaliyah inspired look, so I paired my Marc Jacobs hightops with my Current Elliott boyfriend jeans.  This came out more 80s, no?
Also, I'm wearing an American Apparel top and a Dolce and Gabbana snake skin belt (gifted to me by my future sister-in-law)

 Vintage pearl comb and earrings


  1. You should submit to black girl long hair

  2. You have a lot of hair! I always joke with my Ghanian friends that Ghanian girls are usually well endowed in the rear end and have long thick hair. The latter definitely applies to you. I like it.

  3. It's a shame there is not a "like" button on here, I would have definitely liked your comment-- I am definitely lacking in the rear end department and it seems my butt lifts has not been working since you clearly noticed:)

    And...mucho gracias everyone (see, weave isn't so terrible for your hair after all)

  4. Digging it! Black and proud,

  5. omg i love your hair..i cant waith for my afro to be as big as yours love it and your outfit is great you look so good and in shaped..

  6. Thanks! and welcome to the blog. As for the afro, yours will get that big and when it does make sure you invest in a big comb.