Monday, June 11, 2012

Lazy Monday

Just as a warning-- there are going to be a lot of Lazy (insert any day of the week here) posts coming your way.  Reason: It's June, which means, Houston is standing at the brink of hell waiting for the final shove into it (this happens, like clockwork, in August).  And I don't do hell very well.

H&M Scarf--brought it along to cover up the sweat stains I was sure to have from being outside.

Miss Sixty's skinny jeans, American Apparel t-shirt, Vintage gold necklace, bracelet from Francesca, double strand pearl bracelet worn as an anklet

Christian Louboutin simple black pumps


  1. i love your outfit and the accessories! I love how u wore the bracelet as an anklet!

  2. Cute look. Love the fringe on your scarf--very bohemian.