Sunday, September 23, 2012


A Tale Of A Maybe Fashion Addict
I find that I am getting tired of the ordinary. Much like a pill head's expected descent into taking the "stronger" stuff, I now refuse to purchase anything cotton or jersey and I no longer swoon over silk and chiffon when it comes to purchasing an outfit.  Instead, I am salivating over feathers, ornament encrusted garments, metallic gold shields made into bustiers, t-shirts made with leather... really, I am just loving the "too much" when it comes to picking out clothes these days.  I am terrified a meat dress will be in my near future...

Whatev... if that happens, I blame my parents. You know... for not giving me enough birdies and fake diamonds when I was a kid. 
Alice and Olivia Feather Skirt, Zara white blouse, Pencey Jacket

Purse from Modalistas in NYC
Tom Ford sunglasses, Salvatore Ferragamo sandals (if you have not noticed, I really love these shoes)


  1. I love your style, Also can I get on that amazing hair of yours.

  2. This should def be on vogue...

  3. THAT SKIRT! *faints* I hope they still have it in Zara because I'm going to get it! Really love this look! xx

    1. Thank you all! Yep, I am definitely having a black swan moment too bad there is not enough feather outfits out there. @ Tomi, I got the skirt about two years ago and it is an Alice and Olivia skirt not Zara. I do know zara currently has a fringe skirt that gives the same look.