Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ava From The Block

A dear friend gave me a beautiful Pucci scarf as a gift and I immediately felt a JLO scarf moment coming on (I'm just, I'm just, Jenny from the block, I used to have no scarf now I have a Pucci, no matter where I go I know I should scarf on...
Unfortunately, when I tried tying my scarf like Ms Lopez’ in below pic; my head ended up looking like an upside down mixing bowl--damn my big weave!  And since I was already thirty minutes behind for Sunday brunch, I took the easy way route and went for the 80s dance instructor head band look…   

80s dance instructor reporting for duty: Pucci scarf, Liz Clairborne white button down shirt, Lanvin Khaki trousers

Hello lovahhhh...
Celine bag

Chloe pumps
Have a lovely week everyone!

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